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Film & TV Director Armando Iannucci
for The Atlantic

On an editorial portrait commission from The Atlantic magazine, Nick met television and film director Armando Iannucci in London.

Just on the time for his film release 'The Death of Stalin', for which Iannucci turns to the Kremlin, satirizing the political struggle that followed Joseph Stalin’s demise. The film was shot pre-Trump, however events from the 1930s seem to match with the current political scene around the world as he comments during his interview.

Click here to see the full story.


'Armada' on the big pages of GDF Magazine  

Nick was invited to showcase his work on the biggest magazine we have ever seen: A3 sized pages, filled with art and zero ads. Is not a usual combination we get to see these days.
Global Design Firm is launching their project this month, for which they created a big format publication that's been circulating around the Creative industries in New York. Nick picked his project 'Armada' to be featured, along other artists like Todd Hido, Mark Leary, Lucas Foglia.

See all the project here. 

'Ekeko' having a solo exhibition in Bolivia

Nick's personal project 'Ekeko' is now showing on a solo exhibition in the CAF space in La Paz, Bolivia. The show was curated by Cecilia Lampo and will be up for a month, presenting some of the Neo-Aymaran buildings from El Alto, miniature objects gifted for wish making and the God of abundance and prosperity.  Nick travelled for the opening, which coincided with the launch of the Festival de Alasita, a traditional celebration where the Ekeko is honoured. 

This project aims to also take the shape of a book, we should be sharing more about that very soon. 

See the project here. 

Damien Hirst for The Sunday Times

Nick met artist Damien Hirst at Newport Gallery in South London, the artist very own museum.
On the time allowance, Nick had the opportunity to work with the pills inspired space in the Gallery's restaurant, and then had the artist lay on the floor at the bottom of a staircase as Nick hung with his camera from the very top view above.

The images were featured on the cover of The Sunday Times December 17th Issue. The story described the artist's latest show as 'the shipwreck of his career', a bit of his past, future and current position in the business.


Triple Win!
On the 2017 CR Photography Annual

Here is another exciting year of winning work selected for the Creative Review 2017 Photography Annual.
'Invisible Wounds' Nick's first collaboration with artist Alma Haser, was also selected Best In Book. 
'Armada' a project shot in the Navy Base of Lake Titicaca, is been selected on the Personal work category. 
'El Choro' a story on a sustainable Bolivian farming community, commissioned by Cheryl Newman for We Feed The World, has also joined the selection. 

Click here to see all winners.

Portrait of Maria Balshaw, Tate Britain's Director.
for Bloomber Pursuits

Nick recently met Maria Balshaw at Tate Britain for a portrait session commissioned by Bloomberg Pursuits. She became the museum's director last June, and has brought an energized and politically active approach.

“The Tate has expanded the landscape for art in this country. Now it needs to ensure that that expanded landscape is shared with the widest community of people possible." She adds during the interview.

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'Invisible Wounds'
Print Sale at The Photographer's Gallery

Nick's collaboration with artist Alma Haser for Save The Children is now featured in The Photographer's Gallery.

A selection of works from this series is currently on display in their Print Sales Gallery, with proceeds from sales going to Save the Children to support their important work with refugee children. 

Click here to see the project.

'American -ABCD' is now out.
A new collaboration with Paripé Books.

Patricio Binaghi invited Nick to participate on a photographic project for Paripé Books, and is out now.
Published as a series of 4 books, 'American -ABCD' brings 200 artists together to re-interpret an image from a photographic archive of the American life in the 50's and 60's. There is only 500 editions of each for sale.

The project is launching in Madrid this coming December, we will reveal what Nick´s went for then.

Click here to get a copy of a book or the whole set.

The Makers
Showcasing Hackney's current creative culture.

As a commission from Studio Small in connection with Hackney Council's 'Schools for the Future' initiative, Nick was asked to capture the current creative culture of the area. He also brought in his team to do the production in-house, fully packing the 3 days journey. Many of these places, Nick had known for years, yet it was interesting for him to approach them from a photographic perspective.

The project resulted in a hardback book, and a website, featuring interviews with renowned creative people who live and work in the area.

Click here to see the full story. 

On the cover of Positive News
Nick’s portraits of Daphne Selfe.

Positive News honours ageing on its latest Issue, and Nick's images were the right fit to make the point. ‘The Age Advantage’ features Nick’s portraits Daphne Selfe ,the oldest professional fashion model in the world, in their cover of the magazine and opening of the story.  

As part of a co-op media, this is a magazine that focuses on progress and possibility with a constructive journalistic approach.

Maharam Stories.
Gem Fletcher writes about Nick's last decade in photography.

'Ballón’s best work occupies a state of limbo. With layers of contradictions intriguing and seducing the viewer, things are often not what they seem on the surface. He is interested in the moments that sit halfway between real and constructed.'

As part of Maharam Stories series, Photography Art Director, writer and friend, Gem Fletcher collaborated with the writing of this piece. Her talented writing takes a look into Nick's approach to his photography, describing very gracefully how he looks at the world and elaborates on his personal focus on his Anglo-Bolivian heritage.

Click here to see the full story. 

Talking trolls, sagas and Norse folk-tails around Reykjavik.
A story on Iceland's bestselling author, Sjón.

Commissioned by 1843 Magazine for its August & September 2017 Issue, Nick went on a photographic winter walk. He re-visited Iceland through stories created by one of its most well-know poets, lyricists, and novelists: Sjón. Influenced by  David Bowie, the author was a pioneer of surrealist writing in the 70s, and often collaborates with Bjork.   

Click here to see the story in 1843 Magazine.

Cover story on TIME Magazine
A Portrait of Ireland's Prime Minister As a Young Man.

Nick was recently commissioned to shoot the cover story for Time Magazine's International Edition. On a quick trip from London straight to the Irish Parliament House in Dublin, he had the opportunity to meet and photograph the portrait of a new and rather refreshing name in politics: The Taoiseach, or Prime Minister, Leo Varadkar.

Clerks featured in Bloomberg Businessweek
Inside the strange world of London’s clerks and barristers.

On a negotiation of his own documentary style, Nick silently moved around from all hierarchies, spent time capturing portraits of the senior practitioners and followed the more junior ones as their performed the clerking rite of passage: Trolley-hauling around the Royal Courts of Justice and to the offices.

Click here to see the featured in Bloomberg Businessweek.
Click here to see the full project.

Interview with Lecture in Progress
An educational platform for the next generation of creatives.

Nick was invited by Indi Davis from Lecture in Progress to talk about his experience working with Maharam, a leading textile company in the US. Nick was open to provide an insight into his process working as a documentary photographer, from brief, to the time spent at the Italian leather tanneries, to the final results. This specialised platform inspires and informs the next generation of creatives by providing a practical resource offering advice and insight into the industry. 

Click here to read the interview.
Click here to see the full project.

'The curious story of a Navy in a landlocked country'
Interview in Yorokobu.

Nick's project about the Bolivian Navy continues to generate interest, and was recently interviewed by Yorokobu. He spoke with journalist Valeria Sacone about his experience shooting in Lake Titicaca’s base, and about his emotional connection to Bolivia, the main stage for his personal projects.

Click here to see the interview.
Click here to see the full story.

The Navy without a Sea
featured in Avaunt Magazine

Nick was granted access to the Bolivian Navy Base in Tiquina, Lake Titicaca, after a long exchange of requests and negotiations. He spent time in the base to document what it felt to be part of a Navy without a Sea, as it was featured in Avaunt Magazine on their 5th Issue. This is also part of his on-going personal project ‘Bitter Sea’, which focuses on Bolivia’s loss of the sea to Chile over 130 years ago.

Click here to see the full story.

On the cover of American Chordata
A New York based magazine.

Nick’s image from his project ‘The Virtue of Wrestling’ was featured on the cover of American Chordata. This rather special publication is getting all the positive attention from their very start. It carefully blends in fiction, nonfiction essay, and poetry, with art and photography. Nick created this project as part of his ongoing collaboration with Art Director Gemma Fletcher.

Click here to get ahold of their previous issues.

Good news from The Creative Review
Editorial Win: 2016 Creative Review Photography Awards.

We are happy to announce that on another year on the row, Nick has been selected to join the 2016 Creative Review Photography Annual publication, along a great pick of very talented photographers doing fine work in the current scene. On this occasion it was his story ‘The Painted Desert’, commissioned by T:MAG, that brought him the 2016 award under the Editorial section.

Click here to see the full story.



The Children of Syria featured in FT Magazine
In collaboration with Alma Haser

Nick’s first collaboration with artist Alma Haser is now out as part of Save the Children’s Invisible Wounds project, marking the 6th year of the Syrian conflict. The story was published by the FT Magazine, featured with an interview in the Creative Review and also picked up by Time’s LightBox publication.

Click here to see the full story.

A Conversation with the Creative Review
Tanneries and creativity inside a factory.

Nick was interviewed about his experience shooting ‘Leather for Maharam’, a recent commission from the US-based textile design company. This story allowed Nick a very organic relationship with the client, and the space to translate his visual style inside the Italian tanneries.

Click here to read what Nick told The Creative Review about his experience.

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