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'Invisible Wounds'
Print Sale at The Photographer's Gallery

Nick's collaboration with artist Alma Haser for Save The Children is now featured in The Photographer's Gallery.

A selection of works from this series is currently on display in their Print Sales Gallery, with proceeds from sales going to Save the Children to support their important work with refugee children. 

Click here to see the project.

'Ekeko' having a solo exhibition in Bolivia

Nick's personal project 'Ekeko' is now showing on a solo exhibition in the CAF space in La Paz, Bolivia. The show was curated by Cecilia Lampo and will be up for a month, presenting some of the Neo-Aymaran buildings from El Alto, miniature objects gifted for wish making and the God of abundance and prosperity.  Nick travelled for the opening, which coincided with the launch of the Festival de Alasita, a traditional celebration where the Ekeko is honoured. 

This project aims to also take the shape of a book, we should be sharing more about that very soon. 

See the project here. 

We Feed The World Exhibition
A global celebration of small family farms

Nick was invited by curator Cheryl Newman to join this global photography project celebrating small, family farmers and their success in feeding 70% of the world. His destination was the sustainable Quechuan community of El Choro in Bolivia. Nick spent a few days documenting their own art of living: Sumak Kawsay, a philosophy with a holistic and communal cosmovision that emphasises the interconnectedness of everything. At 5000m of altitude the community is reviving their indigenous culture, traditions, their autonomy and food sovereignty. 

The exihibition launched on Oct. 12th at the Bargehouse Gallery in London, along a series of events, workshops and screenings. 

Learn more about the We Feed The World. 

See the full project here. 

Now exhibiting in Kiosko Gallery, Bolivia.

Nick's project 'Ekeko' is having its second solo show in Bolivia. This time the exhibition has travelled from La Paz to Santa Cruz, to Kiosko Gallery, where it will show during the month of November. 
Nick visited the city for the opening, a got to plaster the wall with a yet bigger Ekeko print than before. 

See the full project here




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