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On a winter walk Nick re-visited Iceland through stories created by one of its most well-know poets, lyricists, and novelists: Sjón. His iconic style was influenced by David Bowie, he was a pioneer of surrealist writing in the 70s, and often collaborates with Bjork.   

- Sjón thinks of himself as a writer of realism, not fantasy. “I feel free in my books to include elements which I know have been experienced by human beings – visions, hallucinations, dreams, theological speculations. In a sense, that is also something that comes from our tradition. Because in the Icelandic saga…you have all those different levels of reality.” Besides, “the beauty of the folk story is that it’s always presented matter-of-factly. There’s no drama. If they describe a monster, they just tell it as drily as they can.” Iceland’s medieval literature swarms with supernatural creatures, omens, apparitions and the celebrated kennings: “metaphors that tie the world of men and gods together.” - Boyd Tonkin


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